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6 back-to-work tips to help get your year off to a flying start

16 January 2017

Starting off the new year can be energising but switching out of holiday mode can be tough! Keep it simple and get your 2017 started with these simple tips.

9am Day OneThere’s nothing more distracting (and procrastinating) than having a cluttered desk with unfinished business all over it. Dedicate your first morning to sort through any outstanding paperwork and listen to those unanswered calls. This is the start of your to-do list for the week.


Remember that scribbled post-it note you left on your desk before you left? If it still makes sense add it to your to-do list! Prioritise what you need to do then focus on each one and shrink that list (if you can) - rinse and repeat.


Before the daily grind of running your business kicks in again, take the time to organise your calendar for the first couple of weeks. Often the first few weeks of January can be quieter so make the most of your time while you can.


If no one is around to hear it - does it make a sound? Let everyone know you’re back at work because no one will know unless you tell them. Call your key suppliers and clients and see how their break was and if there’s anything you can do to help them get started for the year.  Best of all, kill two birds with one stone and post it to your company's social media channels.


On your first day back don’t forget to remove your vacation message! There’s nothing worse than calling a business and realising that they were due back at work a weeks or months ago.


2017 has just started. Use the energy you have to get your year off to a flyer but don’t forget there’s a long way to go, so don’t burn yourself out.

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