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Full of ideas but not the finances?

10 June 2015

We specialise in short term business loans with rapid settlements for any commercial purpose, and one of the reasons we’re so confident in our abilities to help is because we lend our own funds. This means we can make immediate decisions - without having to wait for anyone else to make up their mind:

A broker contacted us last Monday afternoon, with a client who urgently needed $70,000 for business capital expenditure in his landscaping company. After our initial assessment we were able to provide a Letter of Offer, prepare all the documents, and meet the client in Sydney at 9am Wednesday morning to allow him to secure the funding he needed, using a property he has with a first mortgage on it.

This client had cleared funds in his account by 11am Wednesday morning.

That’s less than 48 hours from the initial enquiry to being able access fully cleared funds. Our unique loan features also meant this client paid no application fees, went through no time-consuming credit checks, and will have no penalty for early payout.

This client was able to continue with ‘business as usual’, and it’s just one of the many examples of Crown & Gleeson supporting local business owners.

So, what do you need finance for today?

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