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Crown & Gleeson

Crown and Gleeson is proud to announce that they will be Australia's first and only lender to offer non-recourse loans. We know that business is tough and you have worked hard for your assets. Crown and Gleeson are the first and only lender to offer no personal liability for borrowers. We will share the risk with you.

What is a non-recourse loan?

A non-recourse loan is a short term business loan where a lender will not seek any further payments or security from the borrower if the loan goes into default and the lender suffers a shortfall.

This allows you to know that everything is not going to come tumbling down around you if things do not work out as planned:

  • There will be NO risk of losing everything,
  • There will be NO bankruptcy proceedings,
  • There will be NO defaults on your credit rating,
  • There will be NO lengthy or expensive court battles, and
  • There will be NO anxious nights worrying about how to save your credit rating,

The only condition to be satisfied for this to occur is that the Borrower is to surrender possession of the security offered to Crown and Gleeson on demand and without the need for collection or legal costs.